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Re: [IP] Messing Up!

Wendy A.
This is what I do and have not had a problem since pumping for 2+ years.
I use Disetronic H-Tronplus V100 with the tender.  I fill to apporoximately
and replace this when empty (usually 5 - 8 days) and change the tender and
canula site every other time.  Occasionally (very infrequently) I have had to
change the canula site earlier if it gets red and tender.  When I refill for
the second time I disconnect the tender at both ends and set up as if it were
a new tender.  It usually takes less than 20 U to fill it.
Occasionally I have had the tender connection to the pump crack on tighening
it and then just replace it with a new tender. 
This  procedure has worked very well for me.
For what it is worth, I had my wife sew me a pocket which I slip the pump into
and it has a shoe lace (tennis style) attached at one side and I tie the free
end to a loop on the othe side  with a slip knot and wear it like a locket and
pump thru my shirt.  This is more convenient for me since being a surgeon and
undressing many times a day I do not have to do anything to the pump.  I sleep
with it this way also.  When I golf I shorten the shoe lace, otherwise the
pump hits the putter if I supend it to low.  Many of my confrers ask what is
that thing and so I give them a lesson.
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