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[IP] VacuLance

I went ahead an bought a VacuLance device from Bayer.  The
Bayer rep indicated that it is not available other than
directly through them (1-800-348-8100)

This device uses a vacuum to draw out a small drop of blood,
which is sufficient for their elite glucose monitor.  This
enables more different sites to be used, other than just

All in all, I like it.  Sometimes it takes a couple of
re-pumps to draw out enough blood.  Similar to having to
occasionally milk a fingertip.  It has also resulted in some
wicked bruises; reminiscent of shots hitting a vein.  On the
other hand, it does do as advertised; enable me to use those
other sites.  The device is larger than most other lancets,
but still fits inside my glucometer case.  Works well in
conjunction with my "normal" lancet.

My experience.

Incidently, Bayer also is marketing another lancing device:
MicroLet.  This is pretty typical of other devices.  Its
shape is slightly different, but I don't see that as an
advantage. There is an angular break in the line.  The
overall width is slightly greater than most, although it is
shorter.  I've not used it much as yet.  It does allow
re-cocking without exposing the lancette.

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