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[IP] parents with kids on the pump

i have a BIG favor to ask Michael or many of the other great people on the
list--would anyone with a child on the pump be willing to speak to some
parents of a great 11-year-old who was recently diagnosed?  laura, their
daughter, is very motivated and wants very much to go on the pump (she met
some kids at camp on the pump and has done a lot of homework on her own
about it), but they have a doctor who is cautious and believes kids should
be at least 14.  this has made the parents a little cautious and they'd love
to speak to someone with an active kid who is on the pump.  they've heard a
lot about clogging, etc. etc. all the problems, but are also quite eager to
learn more.  they have read all the minimed material and are eager to move
forward once they know how to help persuade the doctor.  they live in the
st. louis area.  if anyone is willing (they'll pay for the phone call and
would be very grateful!) that'd be tremendous.

thanks so much!  by the way, everyone is asking me if i have "what miss
america has"--what great publicity!

best, kelly

mailto:email @ redacted
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