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Poor Yale...as one who makes no bones about making my feelings known for the
medical profession, I have noticed that you have taken some hits lately...and
I, for one, understand you are kinda caught in the middle - being a diabetic
yourself, while at the same time being trained to have a completely different
perspective...so as far as I am concerned - no hard feelings, even if you are
a doctor...


there is always a but...

you wrote re: A1Cs:

> Very true.  But if A1c is 11 or 12 when you start and you quickly get 
> it to 7, that is a triumph and worth a virtual sunday.  The next goal is 
> to set a lower target and keep on pumping successfully.

and Michael wrote:
> the average blood glucose level in the intensive therapy group was 155
> mg/dl compared to the average.....SNIP

> The 155 mg/dl number is equivalent to an hbA1c of  7.3
> reduced the risk of diabetic eye disease by 76% 

NO proof that tighter than 7.3 will increase the 76% number.  Perhaps if I had
aimed for 155 rather than 120, I might have had more success.  I was in the
11s and 12s pre pump (and higher), and 3 months into the pump was down into
the upper 6s.  I stayed in the 6-low 8 range for a year.  Great you might
think...but THEN my endoS (yes plural) and retina specialistS (yes plural),
told me that htis tight extreme control is why my eyes have continued to bleed
as they have for the last 8 F*!&ing years!   Depending on the lab, your A1C
can be as high as in the upper 8s and still be considered "in control"

Barbara is right when she says that the really tight control makes some
complications worse (paraphrase).   Yes 7 is better than 11, but NOT ALWAYS IS
6.5 better than 7!  If you have any sign of retinopathy...before you take it
upon yourself to be the best little diabetic in texas, or whereever - CHECK
with your EYE doctor (not the endo or diabetes one).  It is NOT advised to be
that tight - "they" may tell you to aim  for 100-150 rather than 80-120 - the
lows cause the vessels to constrict and bleed - if they are so inclined.

As for an update on my ONGOING, never-ending eye saga...I saw Dr. Fisher on
Tueday, but had bled on Friday...I called on Monday to see if he wanted me to
reschedule cuz I knew he wouldnt be able to see to laser....but no he wanted
to see me...so I went.  And no he couldn't laser cuz he couldn't see.  My
vitreous is  now 50-55% pulled away from my retina - this is what the bleeds
are from - not new vessels.  I have been lasered to kingdom come and
back...and he still sees a few spots he can do more (mostly nasal side - which
hurts like a SOB)

When all the vitreous is pulled away, no more bleeding...so I figure one bleed
every couple of weeks...should put me right around 2001 at no more bitchin' -
can y'all handle that?...of course this is all assuming that my body continues
to absorb the blood on its own...If it stops cleaning it out, then I will
definitely have to have the vitrectomy.

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