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Good job Nancy!  Stick to your guns, as long as you are conscious and
breathing, there is no need to relinquish this control!  Arent you glad you
traveled with emergency supplies to change that site???  Makes me reach over
and check in my desk drawer here to make sure I restocked everything for those
emergency changes here at the office...and I didn't - thanks for the

During my stay at NYU hospital when they thought I had diverticultis (idiots),
I was going low one night and had already lowered basals, suspended, did
everything in my power, but was still dropping, so I rang for some oj...the
nurses said I couldn't have any thing to eat or drink...I got up out of the
bed, and wrapped the 400 feet of IV tubing around my body and walked down the
hall to the nurses station, and said I NEEDED it (at this point I was on
saline drip, no dex - so loss of consiousness, and probable death was right
there around hte corner).  

I think they sensed my determination and they gave me some oj and I sat there
to drink it...just then the resident on duty walks by...sees me and goes
BALLISTIC - YOU CAN:T EAT ANYTHING!  blah blah blah...I just kept sipping and
ignored him until I felt better.  The next day, my endo (Drexler) came in and
said they were gonna put me on the dextrose drip since i wasn't getting any
food...and a little while later his partner brought me a couple of packages of
dex tabs...

Glad to hear you and the baby are well - bet you aren't plannin gon going into
labor near your mom's house!

Sara (whose pump will have to be pried from her cold dead fingers before she
would willingly give it up merely because some know-it-all says he knows it

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