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Re: [IP] Messing Up!

Wendy and Bonnie,
I appreciate the situations you describe but, as a CDE, I personally would never recommend that you reintroduce the insulin in ANY cartridge or syringe into the bottle. There is ongoing evidence that insulin outside the original bottle may begin to deteriorate after two days.  Certainly, with exposure to temperatures over 80 degrees, I would believe that such has probably begun to occur.  Recent anecdotal evidence suggests that this is happening to many people with both pumps.  If you reintroduce "old" insulin, you are then contaminating the entire remaining contents of an otherwise good bottle of insulin.  It would be
my recommendation that you follow Bob's outline specifically with the Tender.  Using the clamp and carefully disconnecting and reconnecting is another option.  Be sure to check for an air space if you disconnect at the luer.   Been there, done that!  Fran

Bonnie RICHARDSON wrote:

> >>> "Wendy Anderson" <email @ redacted> 09/25 1:06 PM >and if I change the set I
> throw away the remaining insulin<<
> Wendy,
> My diabetes educator told me to put what was left in the syringe back in the insulin bottle and reuse.  When I am changing tubing and reservoir (syringe) in my Minimed, I remove it all, pull back on plunger and "suck" all the good insulin out of the tubing (be sure you have taken the infusion set off and out of your body first).  I have done this for two years.  I am careful to watch the bottle for signs of "going bad" cloudiness, little tiny crystals floating around and sometimes no sign at all, just insulin that doesn't work.  I have had one bad bottle which came from pharmacist that way and one batch go bad on me.
> Secondly, Number one rule for me   NEVER leave home without a back up.  I keep a complete set, a needle syringe like I used to use, alcohol swabs, and insulin in a special leather bag inside my purse with my glucose tabs and stuff.  If I am going somewhere fancy and want a small purse I might leave it all in the car.  Not in weather extremes however.
> Just a suggestion to make fewer crises.
> Bonnie
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