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Re: [IP] Messing Up!

In a message dated 9/25/98 1:10:51 PM EST, email @ redacted writes:

> I do this because, when I fill it to 315 like I am
>  supposed to, it's too long to leave the set in, and if I change the set I
>  throw away the remaining insulin,

I use the Disetronic and the tender. I believe, the tender with it's easy
disconnect would solve your problem. I fill my cartridge to 315 units. After I
use 150 units. I change the (Tender) site only. Not the tubing or anything.
There is no wasted insulin. With the tender you can change your site as often
or as little as you like without wasting insulin.

I have never used the Contact (and I asked a Disetronic tech about it, she had
never heard of it) so I am not sure why you throw away the remaining insulin.
I am assuming that the Contact does not have a quick release. If this is the
case, the only thing you would need to do is prime the new tubing. You would
waste the insulin in old tubing but that would be all. 

Making the assumption that you are changing your site at some point beyond a
1/2 cartridge and you would rather sacrifice the remaining insulin than give
yourself the needle before you absolutely have to.  Meaning, if the first
change is after ~200 units because it has been x amount of days, then the
second change would be after ~100 units because the insulin is empty when you
could really go another 100 units.

With the above scenario, it is my understanding that you can use some sort of
clip that holds the tubing shut while you change the cartridge. In that way
you can use the old tubing and site and the insulin therein until you are
ready to change.

As an extra hint/idea/whatever: After my low cartridge warning goes off and
after the empty cartridge warning goes off, I reset my pump to full (even
though it is near empty) at this point, I can get about 10 units more from the
cartridge. If my empty cartridge alarm goes off at 10 pm, I can reset and make
it through the night. Don't have to change the cartridge until the next
morning. - Katie (I understand that with a your scenario you are going to the
occlusion already.)
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