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Re: [IP] Question about site and tubing changes

Diane, if you fill it full, you'll just have to fill it less often.  So why
not fill it up?  I've used one fill for up to 12 days in the summer, and
there hasn't been any noticeable deterioration of the insulin over at that
time period.  The bottom line is you can put as much in the syring as you
want.  You're the boss now :-)

<<<<<<<<Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 23:58:08 -0700
From: "Diane" <email @ redacted>
I have seen some posts that you change your site every 3-4 days and the
tubing when the cartridge is empty.  How many units do you use when you
fill the cartridge?  Do you fill it til it is full?  I was told to put 160
units in it, should I jse more?>>>>>>>>>>


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