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[IP] Messing Up!

Help you guys......please.  I have been filling my pump with around 200
units of insulin. I do this because, when I fill it to 315 like I am
supposed to, it's too long to leave the set in, and if I change the set I
throw away the remaining insulin, I tried filling the pump up to half, (150)
units or so, but then I am changing more frequently than I wish. So I found
that filling it to 200 lasts the right amount of time for a refill and a set
change(However I have to reset the pump as if it's a full cartridge!! Which
results in incorrect insulin remaining readouts, etc).  I am using the
Disetronic HV100 plus, and I use the Contact infusion sets. I began pumping
in May and I have not gotten the guts together to use the Tender. Am I the
only one that uses the Contact? I find it no problem to were at all. My only
problem is with the amount of insulin. BUT..............the really huge
trouble with doing it this way is that when the insulin gets too low I don't
receive low insulin alarms or anything. And believe it or not I have
actually FORGOTTEN to check the remaining amount once! That resulted in my
husband and I having to turn around from where we were heading to go home
and change and refill my pump. Last night was the worst ever
though..........I woke up at around two a.m. feeling awful and noticed a
little beeping coming from under my pillow.....sure enough it was sounding
the occlusion alarm. It'll do that when out of insulin because the plunger
has actually stopped. I quickly changed sets (which was real fun at two
a.m.), and went back to bed without even testing, well I woke again at four
a.m. feeling really really bad, and decided to test, I was 26.6!!! I felt
like death, I bolused 8 units of insulin, and went back to bed, I woke back
up at five a.m. ready to croak from naseau tested again and I was still

Sorry to ramble but I don't know what to do. I do know however, that I
definitely don't want to ever feel like that again. To make things even
worse I had to take my six year old daughter in for dental surgery, (she had
a bicycle accident) this morning at 6:00 a.m.!!! So you'll can imagine how
wonderful I felt. Does anybody have a suggestion? Maybe I am just crazy,
maybe I am not making too much sense. I welcome any suggestions.
Wendy A.

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