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I agree with Micheal. 
My .02: Each pumper must take charge of what is happening to their own
body. The "Team" cannot feel what you feel. It is time to get in touch
with what your body does when.The main doctor is a must to verify things
with but I also belief that the doctors expect a patient to know what is
going on, especialy when your the one with the pump on 24 hours a day. 
I make changes as I feel and think are needed but the next time I go to
the doctor we discuss it. Or if I  feel that I need to call and
communicate the change before seeing him the next time, i do so. Most
often than not the doctor will pat me on the back for taking the step
Sorry for rambling on but I do feel you really need to get in touch with
your own body and know  what is going on or is suppose to be going on.
Read, read, read all you can get your hands on!!!

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