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I am forwarding this to the i-p list for Katherine

Diane Massey

> From: Katherine Esposito <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: THE PUMP
> Date: Friday, September 25, 1998 8:47 AM
> Diane-
> I haven't been able to access the IP site. I have tried every user name I
> can think of  and either I am not getting the right one or there is some
> glitch. What user name did you see for me? 
> WHy did you try the B. diet? ISn't just your daughter diabetic?  YEah,
> night was a typical outof control night- I'm so busy as a single mom
> withmultiple things going on, I baked a pizza for the boys and hadn't
> started my dinner, so I just started nibbling away and it's all downhill
> from there. I do give myself extra insulin but it's never enough and I'm
> frightened to give myself more because of lows. I suspect it would the
> way with the pump, except that maybe that ongoing basal insulin would
> my sugars lower? 
> Send this email to the IP digest, since I can't seem to access it right
now. K.
> At 02:24 PM 9/23/98 -0500, you wrote:
> >Katherine-
> >
> >The Bernstein diet is really really tough.  I tried to follow it, I was
> >successful for only about 3 months, two years ago and I can't get up the
> >will-power to do it again (ironically, 2 yrs ago,  3 months  before
> >was diagnosed, I suddenly decided that I was a candidate for Type 2 and
> >started the B-diet.... and then Lauren became diabetic!  And I
> >the diet because of all the stress about Lauren)
> >
> >The Pump really gives you so much more leeway.  You can eat more carbs
> >maintain much better control.  What I try to do with Lauren, with
> >success, is to get her to eat smaller defined amounts of carbs at a
> >For example, you could have 3 carbs,  even junk carbs, bolus, wait til
> >think your BGs are down to 80 (from whereever you started) then eat the
> >carbs.  Humalog works so fast that when Lauren does do this her BG's
> >usually go above 120.  (Lauren unfortunately likes to eat big meals with
> >least 6 carbs and larger volumes of Humalog process more slowly so a
> >peak longer.)  She also has not had diabetes for long so her stomach
> >started playing any games.
> >
> >Bernstein formulated his plan when there was only R for short acting and
> >under R the only way to keep BGs down was to eat way less carbs.  With H
> >and the pump you could eat lots of carbs and with proper management and
> >lot of diligence never go above about 150 - except when sick obviously. 
> >out for the afternoon and you and kids eat ice cream....go for it, enjoy
> >and, if managed, your BGs will be just fine.  Just if you are 150, just
> >bolus down 1.3 + H for ice cream (for Lauren her ratio is 1 per 50 pts.)

> >wait about 30-45 minutes and enjoy.  That's for near perfect control,
> >if you ate right away, you still wouldn't go very high very long.  It
> >entail more than average finger sticks, but you seem used to that
> >
> >You may respond to the list, I would do so if I wanted a wealth of
> >opinions.  Now, you have just my opinion.
> >
> >Stay in touch....I would like to hear how you like the pump... I really
> >strongly believe that you will love it!  That's why I take the time to
> >respond to folks who are debating the question.  It will make your life
> >much nicer and you deserve that!  If you have further questions, I would
> >glad to help you... The infusions can sometimes be a challenge, but you
> >will master it.
> >
> >Diane Massey
> >----------
> >> From: Katherine Esposito <email @ redacted>
> >> To: email @ redacted
> >> Subject: Re: THE PUMP
> >> Date: Wednesday, September 23, 1998 9:18 AM
> >> 
> >> So we are supposed to respond back to the list? I amconfused.
> >> 
> >> I get headaches with a bs of 180. My A1c is about 7% right now. It's
> >> daily stuff I can't stand- I feel great whe I can keep my bs to about
> >> and I feel lousywhen it is over 160 or so. I just can't handle the
> >demands
> >> placed upon one who truly tries to follow the B. diet.  You read it-
> >> know. The calculations. The measuring.  The proscriptions against
> >cheating.
> >> I do great for a few days thenit all goes to hell. It is posisble that
> >> wouldbe exactlythe same with a pump. 
> >> They do have a 90 day trial period so that is whatI will do. 
> >
> >
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