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Pump initiation, was:Re: [IP] Is this site corruption?

Michael, Barb, Ruth were chatting about initial basal adjustments when
starting on the pump, etc.. Here's my spin:

My doc *did* take calls (and will continue to). To help him take my calls,
I educated myself as much as I possibly could prior to starting on the pump.

1) I read as much as I could long before I even had approval for the pump.
I read everything at least one more time. I understood much of what was
said - it didn't hurt to educate myself further about blood glucose
management. I still read these books, because my base of experience
continues to change, my perspective is different now.
2) I spent time with other pumpers on a couple lists. I asked some
questions, lurking mostly, but listened intently.
3) I tried to "level out" my diabetes as much as possible before starting
on the pump. I spent a lot of time reviewing my records from the past 15 +
years. It was enlightening.
4) I learned as much as I could, because I knew my doc would be busy. I
also realized my doc, by some stroke of fate, might not be there when I
needed him the most. If he got hit by a bus the day after I started
pumping, I wanted to be ready to deal with things. I tried to be
responsible for as much as I could, as early in the pump "learning curve"
as possible.
5) I called my doc when and as I needed to. I questioned him when I didn't
understand, or when I didn't agree. Though he worked with other pumpers,
this was the first time he had *me* pumping. It's this point that was key
for me. The "textbook examples" cited in a lot of the literature and
marketing materials were *not* me. I was different and will continue to be.
6) I helped teach my doc "Pump Management 101". I think it helped both of
us ;-)
7) I always try to remember that my doctor helped start me on the pump. I
didn't "blow him off" as soon as I started and did my first successful set
change. We still talk, sometimes a lot. We both know a *whole* lot more now
than we did back then.

I think we built a good relationship.

Bob Burnett

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