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RE: [IP] near miss

Nancy -  I am glad that you and the baby are ok.  Once again, isn't it amazing
that the majority of hospital medical professionals DO NOT understand what our
wonderful pumps do!!!  It really scares me to think of needing medical
assistance out of my area.

Sue Gordon
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Hello pumping buddies,
I just got home from a very interesting trip.  I went on a whim to see my
parents, three hours away, and went INTO LABOR ON THE WAY!!! I am due Dec 11. 
I spend one hour at their home and then was admitted for a FIVE DAY stay at
the local hospital.

The hospital is VERY small, free parking, one OBGYN for the whole hosptial,
but very good food.  :-)   One night my site went bad and the OBGYN came in
and said that he was taking the pump away from me.  He said I had DKA which 
he had concluded from a urine sample.  Let's just say my back got a little
stiff.  My Ha1c last year was 8.8 and now it is 6.1   I DID NOT WANT TO GET

He said this, "since I was on all the meds to stop the labor which raised my
sugar, since I was not as active, and since I was not eating on schedule , the
pump was obviously not working for me."   Duh!!!   I don't have to eat on
schedule anymore, and I simply up my basal to compensate for the lack of
activity and the meds.  He did not even understand that I needed to bolus for
every meal I ate.   He thought the pump did that on it's own.

  I questioned him on these points and he said that he had awards in DM care. 
Come to find out he is 47 years old and his last experience was at a DM camp
when he interned, nearly 20 years ago!!!!   AGHHHHH!!!!   I called my Endo in
a heartbeat and he wanted to know if they had drawn for electrolytes.  This is
one way  that you can tell if you have DKA. Not through just a urine sample.

The good ol' doctor had not done this and I told him he had to speak with my
endo before I would take my pump off.  He came back later and said that I
could keep it, but that he was in charge of it.  Every time I touched it I had
to tell him about it. (sshhh, I kept on doing what my Endo told me to  do, but
let the OBGYN doctor think I was doing what he told me to do)  :-)  Got a
little confusing, but he never caught on.

Needless to say, my new site was a good one, my sugars were coming down from
the 250 that they were at, other than the stress I was under afraid for our
baby coming out and than this ninny telling me he knew more about the
pump...my sugars came down and I kept the pump.

ALL THIS TO say, fight for what you beleive in, especially for things
concering your health.

The babe and I are fine, she is still in the "oven" and I am home.  And I'm
very happy to be back where my doctors are.  I hope to never see that man

Thanks for listening,

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/