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Re: Taking Control of the Reins (was)Re: [IP] Is this site corruption?


email @ redacted wrote:

> Ruth:
>    Excellent advice ONCE the "newbies" get past the "start-up" phase. In this
> era of information overload & managed care "underload", the patients can
> easily fall through the cracks (chasm??). The inherent beauty of the pump is
> precisely what you've articulated: i.e. the ability to make mini-changes to
> your insulin regimen & promptly see the results. I also agree with an earlier
> post about the pump itself being a strong "motivator" for better self-care.
> Feeling physiologically better can't help but impact on mental well-being.
> which then becomes positive reinforcement for checking more frequently. I
> likened it to doing your math homework & then being able to check the answers
> in the back of the book to see how accurately you did the computations!!!  In
> fact, Melissa came home yesterday disappointed about a French test grade & I
> saw that same frustrated, "what did I do wrong" look on her face that I used
> to see pre-pump when her bg would inexplicably be in the 300s.....Admittedly,
> having taught French myself, in this particular case, I KNOW what she did
> wrong!!! LOL....
> Regards, Renee
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/