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[IP] HbA1c of 7 is GOOD!

> Barbara B writes
> >Better than 7%? My info has it that A1C>7-8% puts one at higher risk for
> complications. Barbara B. (RN,CDE)<
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> And my endo says a 7 is perfect and be cautious holding much below
> that for more risk of serious HYPOs.   Guess everybodies mileage and
> Endos may vary............ Bonnie

To summarize from the DCCT

Did intensive therapy result in better diabetes control?

Yes. The HbA1 levels in the intensive therapy group were almost 2%
lower than the HbA1 levels in the conventional therapy group. The
average blood glucose level in the intensive therapy group was 155
mg/dl compared to the average blood glucose of 231 in the conventional
treatment group

The 155 mg/dl number is equivalent to an hbA1c of  7.3

The DCCT summary points out:

reduced the risk of diabetic eye disease by 76% 
reduced the risk of early diabetic kidney disease by 34%
educed the risk of diabetic nerve disease (neuropathy) by 69%

These results represent a reduction of hbA1c from 9.3 to 7.3

See the hbA1c results for the MEMBERS of INSULIN PUMPERS
on the ABOUT page of our website.

The pumping average for THIS GROUP is an hbA1c of 6.8, a full 1/2% 
better than the control achieved in the DCCT.

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the quality of the data you receive!!!

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