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Re: [IP] Mixing for Megan

> The only thing I can think of is that because of the slow basal rate
> it eventually clogs the tubing. It is definitely the tubing!! Weird!
> This has happened twice recently but never before that in 6 months!

Can you see it, a white spot that looks like little crystals, 
probably at a pinch?
If not, it could be that the tip of the cannula is cloged, happens 
once and awhile if the end gets embedded in muscle.
> Do yo have any suggestions? Will mixing help this problem? Megan has
won't help 'real' clogs
> been very ill with viruses and this has not hwlped her high blood
> sugars. All these things were happening at once and it gets a little
> confusing as to what is really going on!
> Thanks Michael! Also-do you mix in the cartridge for the pump or do
> you do your mix in the bottle?

Mix in the cartridge, draw the small amount first (V), then the large 
amount. Make sure not to squirt any of the mix back into the bottle.
> Judy C
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