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Re: [IP] Says she caught the flu

i watched an interview with her where she said her diabetes was caused by
'environmental factors'.   that not a soul in her family had/has it to this day.

my family has always said that mine was 'triggered' by the Rubella shot i rec'd
about a month before i was hospitalized at the age of 3yrs. 7 months.  I too have
not a soul in my family w/ either type 1 or type 2.  unfortunately i've always
been treated as the odd man out/black sheep.  it sucks...........
anyway, that's all i know...

lisa ann

email @ redacted wrote:

> She did not say the flu caused the diabetes.  Her words were I had the flu and
> this brought out diabetes.  Meaning she had it all along.  My son had chicken
> pox, and this brought out diabetes.
> Helen
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