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Re: [IP] 'coming out of the closet'

>      2] You KNOW; it's not permitted to listen to music while at work
>         (my bosses boss who was about to give me the 'this is the last
>          lecture you get only because you do good work or I'd have already
>          thrown you out the window for this behavior)

This reminds me of being 16 (with an Autosyringe pump) and on an airplane
flight cross country (US) and the stewardess kept wanting to take my pump away
b/c you were not allowed to use electronic instruments on the plane, especially
during takeoff.  I remember my great embarrassment when she attempted to
physically remove it, getting me to unbuckle me belt and nearly yanked the
tubing out.  She was understandably also embarrassed and I almost died that I
couldn't get her to listen enough first to understand what it was and how it
worked.  Sometimes it's nice to be grown up and it is always always always nice
not to have to wear a huge Autosyringe insulin pump!

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