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Re: [IP] Is this site corruption?

email @ redacted wrote:

> In a message dated 9/24/98 5:38:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
> << Wrong! The doc will never have enough time to do it right. This is
>  part of Pump Management 101. >>
> I disagree Michael...there are some dedicated doctors who do know how to make
> adjustments. I will admit that there may only be a few of them however.  The
> MD I work with will take calls to help when needed, and I share call time with
> him for pumpers.
> Barbara B.

I appreciate your dedication Barbara, but I have to agree with Michael here.
After 17 years on a pump, having lived in 3 (4?) cities, I can say that the
majority of Endos I've ever been sent to by insurance co. don't know how to do
this stuff or are new to it and even when this is not the case, they are very very
busy.  I've met 3 doctor/CDE people who really have a thorough grasp of pumping in
all this time and none of them has ever been steadily available on call.  It's
fabulous to have someone to call but being dependent on someone else to make
decisions is deadly.  The formulas they hand out work if you haven't been diabetic
too long, if you haven't been on a pump too long, and if you basically have a
textbook schedule.  Or, they can help you b/c you are able to show them what you
need.  One of those 3 people knows enough about me to take the other info into
consideration.  You can't live effectively and successfully with a pump for 10-60
years if you can't do the math and problem solve.  It's haphazard, it's
unreliable, and it depends on a health system that doesn't exist in California.
If some of us were just going to be pumpers for a little while, it might be ok to
leave the problem solving ability to someone else, but we are all committed for
the rest of our lives.

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