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[IP] Re: Discrimination at school

Hello everyone,
        I'm writiing to ask parents of other young pumpers if they've had
school problems.....As some of you may remember TJ started pumping in
April. At the time I was on sabbatical from my teaching job and was able to
go to school everyday to help him test and bolus and take his asthma meds.
Since I knew in Sept. I would have to return to work, I took him to our
local CSE to have him tested and labeled "other health impaired". With this
label he could receive health services at his parochial school( which
doesn't have, nor can afford to hire a nurse). NYS law requires that these
health services be performed by an RN or LPN....other staff are not allowed
to do these things. Anyway the CSE refused to label him "other health
impaired" because he has good grades.  I requested an impartial hearing to
see if I could get the decision overruled but on August 20th, learned that
that decision was upheld (good grades disqualify TJ from health services).
The end result is that the parochial school would not re-enroll him even
when my mom offered to go to the school everyday.
        I also tried to get a nurse sent from the NYC Board of HEalth in
compliance with state education law 912 that states health services must be
given on an "equitable basis" to both public and private school students.
At this time the NYC board of health does provide clinical health services
in the public schools but has thus far refused to send a nurse to TJ's
parochial school.
        Essentaially I was forced to enroll him in my local public school
where his endo had to fill out a 5 page detailed form for 504 services. It
has been 3 weeks since these papers were filed with the district. TJ is
still not in school as these forms have not yet been approved by the board
of health!
        I obtained a lawyer for TJ on thursday but so far we haven't gotten
very far in moving them along. The district claims they are trying to get
the board of health to approve a private nurse for him (one that would stay
with him all day just to take care of him!) In the meantime there is an RN
in the building as of this week, four days a week, yet he can't go to
school yet.
        Have any other parents run into these types of problems?  TJ's
lawyer is planning to appeal the CSE decision on the state level and wants
to go to the media with this story about being denied access to school.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Debbie, mom of TJ age 8

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