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  Hello everyone from South Florida..

       Well I have a story for everyone that I know you guys will have a
hard time believing but here it goes...

   I have the pump and have yet to be hook up to it. Its been about 2
months now. It started when I was accepted from the insurance company
for the pump. The Endro office called and set up an appointment and I
went in. The Endro 'Dr Bohm' went off in the hallway right outside the
room i was in. He was yelling and telling his employees that he didn't
like working with them if they were gonna be incompetent. Well he
doesn't stop yelling and opens the door to the rom i am in.. comes in ..
sits down and asked me 'whats up?'  I explained i was there for the pump
and he was very sarcastic with me that I needed the pump first..
etc....   Annnnnyway...  I asked my insurance company to change Endro

  Next he had it all set to go into an outpatient at a local hospital to
get the pump on insulin. I went in a week prior to the outpatient date
to hook up the pump on saline solution. Now I was on the pump.. doing
Boluses and all.. and then the day before i switch or insulin... the
Insurance Company called and told me i couldn't go to the hospital cause
it was out of network...  MAN!!!  I was upset... So I come off the pump
and make arrangements to go to the 'other' hospital. Which requires a
nights stay.. How Ironic that the insurance company would rather pay for
the more expensive way ...

 Ok so now im all set up to go into the hospital...  the day before i go
in.. the insurance company calls...   You can't go in....  WHY???
Cause no one will admit you.. No Doctor will admit you.. HOLLY SH*T....
My primary Doc said No... He is not an Endro and he felt a Endro needs
to admit me...  Well If you recall above I mentioned I asked to change
Endros.... So officially I had NO ENDRO...   I had an appointment to see
the 'new' Endro the next week.. so we made arrangements to put me in the
hospital the day after i see the new Doc...  So then I get a Call from
the hospital saying I couldn't go in then cause the 2 Endros take turns
doing rounds in the hospital.. and the Endro I didn't want had rounds
that week...  GeeZ....   Now I am set to go in Next Tuesday... and here
comes the Hurricane !!!!!!!!!

LOL I can't win..... I just can't win...

But I have to say Kudos to MiniMed.. They asked me to return the
Softsets cause they sent me 6 months of them and I need the Sils.... So
I go to pack the softsets for return and the 6 boxes wouldn't fit in the
only BIG box I had...  So I put all the softsets into a big box and
returned them.. MiniMed called to tell me that they couldn't accept the
return cause they weren't in their original box.. I lost it.. After ALL
the problems now its gonna cost me MORE money to get my infusion
sets....    After I explained all this to the Rep at MiniMed.. they
said.. Ok.. we will exchange them for 6 boxes of Sils... Man I was gonna
blow a gasket!..

And now.. Here come Hurricane Georges.....   And its suppose to get us
here in Lee County Florida.. So I am not on the pump... gotta do the
Hurricane thing and that might put off the Hospital stay for Tuesday
night.. Think its an Omen????


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