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[IP] Curious People....

Hey guys,

I don't remember who posted the message, but I just read about someone
who's co-workers, bosses, and family thought the pump was a walkman.... 
Well, I have a short story to share.  I do some volunteer work at a
church for disadvantaged kids. Some of them are kind of rough, but
they've all had problems.   I had removed the clip from my 506 and stuck
it in my back pocket.  (I just looked too "hippy" with it in my side
pocket :>)  Anyway, one of the little thugs thought it was a wallet and
tried to steal it!  I let out a blood-curdling scream when he yanked on
my cord.  I think I probably traumatized the poor guy.  Neither of us was
expecting it.  Ha!  <vbg>


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