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RE: [IP] Yale's response to Alicemae

Katie....your story sound EXACTLY like my story!  With the exception that I
decided to take control before trying the pump.  HbA1c in Feb. was
10.2......then in June it was 7.5......then my last one (pre-pump) on Sept.
1 was 6.6.  Being able to achieve those numbers that quickly gave me the
motivation I needed to continue and led to my interest in even better
control via the pump.  I think you're right about the pump improving control
but it's an expensive method if someone is not yet committed to the cause.
I do think anyone who is willing to go through all that's necessary to
actually get a pump....should do fine.   Here's to happy pumping!!! :-)

Carol Wilson
Type 1 - 21+ years
Day #3 pumping 
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/