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Re: [IP] Is this site corruption?

Carol,  #1  Seems too early to tell if it is site corruption or not.  I also
use the disetronic and continue to get erratic readings depending on the
activities I engage in.  I swim, run, lift weights, aerobicize, etc. and these
affect my BGs greatly.  If I do not engage in physical workouts, which is
rare, my BG is fairly consistent.  I still raise my basal rate a week before
my menstrual period because my BG goes up then.  You will have to adjust your
basals to your lifestyle.  That is not too consistent with most people.  You
will learn as you go.  It is a great feeling when you finally figure a problem
out.  Just remember, every diabetic person has different experiences.  What
works for you may not work for me.  I have discovered from this list that
events that make others BG go up, mine will go down.  At other times, I have
the same responses as others.  Hang in there.  You sound very motivated so I
think you will do fine. 
#2 I use the tender with the disetronic.  I change my tender every 4 days and
my tubing every 8 ( this coincides with my cartridge change).  ellen
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