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[IP] Pump I began with...

     on Wed, 23 Sep 1998 email @ redacted asked:
     >Wow, Given all that you have used do you recall the pump you started 
     > with.  I started with an Autosyringe over 15 yrs ago.  Good Haealth 
     > and Good Happiness,
     > Jeff.
     I began with an AutoSyringe 6 something or other.  I remember it had a 
     3 ml resivour and we 'set' the basal rate by diluting he insulin to 
     match the pre-set feed rate of the pump.  There was another pump 
     around at the same time but I remember the one guy who wore it had 
     even more mechanical problems than I did!
     It took AutoSyringe another year or two or three to get to a pump with 
     PROGRAMMABLE basal rate and ability to use non-diluted insulin.
     Oh the good old days.
     Yerachmiel B. Altman
     first man to fly an airplane wearing an insulin pump
     first man to try jumping out of an airplane wearing an insulin pump
     first man to have to explain to a university medical center WHAT an 
     insulin pump is, why I am wearing one and why they should NOT throw me 
     out of school due to it.
     (I am not sure about all of these but first two I'm certain of)

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