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Re: [IP] Yale's response to Alicemae

Carol wrote:
>  The  pump is not a toy and only those dedicated to controlling their
diabetes should start it. 

Although I agree with you in certain situations, I believe even the most
noncompliant diabetics should be placed on pumps.

I readily agree with your statement of, "I think if my doctors had been more
'honest' and upfront with me about the complications, I would have taken my
diabetes more seriously a lot sooner." 

It took 18 years for the pt of control to get through my denial and I still
don't do all I should. But I never would have gotten to this point without the

I tested my bgs an average of 5 times a year, ate what I wanted, drank what I
wanted prior to the pump. I am fortunate to only have very minor retinopathy
and never ended up in the hospital. Especially, during college with all night
drunk fests and eating two ultimate cheeseburgers in a setting.

On and off I struggled to get control of the diabetes which always ended in
failure. Now, in my 30's my doc said, give me three months of records to give
to the insurance and I will put you on a pump. It was the first time since I
was 11 that I tested every day, somewhat controlled my eating and tried to
exercise. Gave up alcohol all together (alcohol is not a prob for me). I was
in hell. I never felt worse. I swung from one end of the spectrum to the
other. I had mood swings and depression. I was in fear of lows I'd never
experienced before and rebounded with refrigerator clearing gluttony.

Starting with the first day of being on the pump, I started testing regularly.
After all, I could and would do something if it was too high. I now test 4-6
times a day, gladly. Although my eating is still outta control, my bgs aren't
!!! My last A1c was 6.5  I'm sure it's crept up some 'cause I let the eating
get outta hand and I've gained lots of weight but my bg is no where near what
it was prior to the pump.

Bottom line to this long winded commentary:   I have desire to control my
diabetes because I wear a pump. - Katie
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/