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[IP] 'coming out of the closet'

     you guys bring back too many memories
     In the 'ancient days' (when INSULIN PUMPS were the size of the BOX 
     that the new super tiny meters come packed up in) and hiding them was 
     a joke we told at pump meetings I also had my favorite list of 
     comments on pump wearing:
     1] Don't you stupid kids ever go ANYWHERE without those walkmen things
        (this was said to me by many co-workers, a nurse as she tried to 
         grab it away on my way to Carpul Tunnel surgery, and more than a
         few uninformed freinds/family).
     2] You KNOW; it's not permitted to listen to music while at work
        (my bosses boss who was about to give me the 'this is the last
         lecture you get only because you do good work or I'd have already
         thrown you out the window for this behavior)
     3] OH! That should be EASY to hide.  Just put it under your (fill in 
        with about any peice of clothing) and no one will see it.
     4] OH!! I thought that was a network protocol tester.

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