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Paula, the research that JDF supports is often pretty basic stuff about
metabolism, autoimmune reactions, islet cells, etc, so much of what is
learned from this research will be as pertinent to type II as type 1.   I
know they don't discriminate between these types when awarding grants.   So
the fact is that JDF actually supports more research on type II than the
ADA.  But this is only because so much of JDF's budget goes to research.  I
think diabetics should support whichever organization they think is doing
good work, and  ADA surely is one that does good work.  (Their camps saved
me when I was a teenager).   But basic research is just not one of their
main objectives, and people just need to know that.

<<<<<<<<From: "Paula Berketo" <email @ redacted>
It was always my understanding that the JDF raises money for a cure for
Type One diabetes where as the ADA and CDA raise money for other things as
well.  The way I understood it was the JDF helps only people with type one
and ADA or CDA help all people, those with diabetes (Type One or Two),
their friends, their families as well as the entire population in terms of

There is also a rift between the two organizations.  Personally, I choose
to be part of and support CDA as 90% of the population with diabetes have
Type Two, which the JDF does not help.  Long after JDF or whoever find a
cure, there will still be millions of people struggling to lead normal
lives with Type Two.

I am not on any type of soap box and have certainly not researched JDF
carefully so if I am under any false impressions please kindly correct my
misunderstandings.  I have been an active member and volunteer for CDA for
over 25 years.  They have served me very well.  I just believe that there
is a big difference between the two groups.


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