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RE: [IP] Is this site corruption?

Okay folks...I warned you to get ready for the questions <G>.  I started
pumping Tuesday morning around 8:30 AM.  I had planned to change my site
this evening...not quite 72 hours but more convenient than tomorrow morning.
My BGs have been stable and wonderful until this morning.  At 3:00 am it was
122...then pow...at 6:30 am it was 189...then at 9:00 am it was up to 198.
I took my regular meal bolus plus the required High BG bolus amount with
breakfast.  I ate EXACTLY the same thing I ate yesterday morning for
breakfast.  This trend of creeping upwards....is this possible site
corruption?  The site itself looks fine, feels fine...doesn't itch or

Question #2....when I change my site this evening...do I just change the
Tender infusion set and leave the tubing in place until I need to replace
the insulin cartridge?  I told you I'd have questions!!!  

Carol Wilson
Type 1 - 21+ years
Day #3 of Pumping with a Disetronic

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> Carol:
> The new cases from Disetronic come in colors. Order numbers are as
> follows:
> 300.0597   Transparent/Clear
> 300.0599   Black
> 300.0598   Blue
> Price had been originally quoted as $40, but I was just informed the cost
> is $35. Availability is November, rather than October.
> Richard, sorry for jumping on this message :-)
> Bob Burnett
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