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RE: [IP] Yale's response to Alicemae

Yale.....I agree with what you said.  In order to be successful at
pumping...you must first make the committment to take control of your
diabetes and your life.  I think a good place to start is more frequent
testing and multiple injections to try to better control the BGs.  Once a
person has made the committment...it's easier to convince the doctor and the
insurance company that you're a good candidate for the pump.  I know that I
personally did this and it was much easier to switch over to the pump once a
routine of regular testing and carb counting had been established.   The
pump is not a toy and only those dedicated to controlling their diabetes
should start it.  This is only MHO but I just wanted you to know that I
agree with every word you said.  I think if my doctors had been more
"honest" and up-front with me about the complications, I would have taken my
diabetes more seriously a lot sooner. 

Carol Wilson (jumping off the soap box now)
Type 1 - 21 years
New Pumper

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