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[IP] Alice Mae

Hi Alice Mae,
To me one of the beautiful things about the pump is that even if you do ocassionally mess up on meals, the pump can reduce the risk by your bolusing to take care of the "poor eating".    I make a good effort to eat healthy and proper portions, but I don't always and used to make myself feel so bad about it.  Now, when everyone wants to split one of those decadent lucious desserts, I do.  People used to do the "Oh, I forgot you can't eat sugar..".  My response today is "yes I can".   So, while your husband should  certainly make every effort to eat right, and so should all of the world, the pump can take care of overeating, dessert eating, and snacking in a way that just injections never could.   I have a personal problem in using the pump to get away with "bad habits",  however, for those times when you just have to have a bite of chocolate, Thank God (and MNMD) for the Pump.

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