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[IP] Mixing for Megan

> Please let me know how the mix is doing for you. I have the Velosulin in the
> fridge but just haven't had the courage to try it with such a little kid. Let
> me know how it goes!!

Hi J,

It works great for Lily. We were nervous also but it turned out to be 
a complete no-brainer. There is virtually no difference in the 
performance of the mix ( 5/1) vs straight Humalog except that you 
really don't have to square bolus or use a temp basal rate nearly as 
often for fatty foods like pizza or mac+cheese. The tail left by the 
Velosulin is a little more noticeable than pure H, but it matches 
rather well with young metabolism (at least Lily's) in that the 
insulin is not used up quite as quickly.

What caused Megan's clogs?

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