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[IP] Authora-tah

(for you South Park fans - you will know what the above means...)

Katie wrote that it appears I have a problem with authority...well, that is
indeed true, but I am also not an idiot.  I know better than to approach a man
with a gun with any kind of an antagonistic or churlish attitude.  When I
relate things to you guys about doctors and other run ins with authority, I
tend to leave out the pussy footing and sweet talk, cuz you have all been
there, done that.  I have the capactiy and ability as a trained actress to be
very friendly.  I was exceptionally informal with the Men in Blue - heck I
even smiled my pretty smile!!  I didnt have a note pad or a tape recorder...I
wasn't staring them down, wasn't challenging their so-called authority in any
way!  I merely approached a few of my tax dollar paid civil employees to ask a
simple question.  I did not interrupt their donut break or while they are
investigating some rabble on the street...they are there to serve and protect,

Yeah, I'd love to have a 1/2 hour informal show and tell of the pump to the
cops...Problem is, someone like me with NO MEDICAL TRAINING can't do it.  I
have 24 years experience with diabetes and I have to pay someone with 5 years
experience for their professional expertise and guidance. 

And speaking of paying...it is off for laser today...if he can see through the
new blood.

*-)=B xoxx~~~[507]
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