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[IP] Surgery and Pump


I would actually heed the advice of your doc to lower your basal by the 0.1 -
across the board - not to a flat 0.5 though.  Yes the stress will make you go
up a little, but way better to be a little high than to go low.  KEEP your
meter with you - do not rely on some nurse to test your blood sugar.  Do it
often, and compensate for any highs VERY conservatively.  I dont remember
where you insert, but if the surgery is in your tummy area, remember you will
have to put the pump elsewhere, so do some trial runs with it in those new

It also depends on if you are going to be fasting before sugery and able to
eat shortly thereafter...Tell them you want saline IV solution, not the
dextrose drip...unless you are going to be unable to eat for more than a
day...you DO need some glucose to keep your brain functioning (APPROX 150
grams - YMMV).

When I had my appendix out, and during the previous week when I supposedly had
diverticultis, I wasnt eating much (or nothing) and my basals did go down.  I
stayed in the 100-150 range throughout both weeks in the hospital - MAINLY cuz
I tested lots and lots.  I did NOT want to take the chance that I would go
high or low and give some medical FIEND a reason to try and give me an

When you go to the hospital, bring your own jar of dex-tabs -chances are they
wont have them, and your own meter and supplies - tell everyone to keep their
paws off and get that in writing from your doctor.

Talk to the anesthesiaoloodsfsigist (sp), and tell him your bs target ranges -
higher is better  - aim for 150-200 rather thatn 80-120 for this - you will be
happier, so will your doctor...

amuthing else, lemme know - been there, done that, got the scar

*-)=B xoxx~~~[507]

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