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Re: [IP] pump and construction

> Now I have a question.  I was also talking to someone about the pump
> last night and asked if he had ever heard of the insulin pump (this
> guy is type 1).  He said he had and that because of him doing 
> construction the doctor said that he couldn't use one.  Does anyone
> here know of anyone who does this kind of work that uses the pump?
> I know there are doctors that just don't recommend them and find
> excuses for not using them.

Yep, the guy I originally learned about the pump from was a 
contractor. Our family was camping and one of the girls said that the 
guy in the next camp site was diabetic. This was just one month after 
Lily was dx'd. I chatted with him and happened to ask about the funny 
square sunburn spot on his tummy (he was not wearing his pump at the 
time). He explained that he used an insulin pump and he had not 
tanned under the tape for the set, and when he took the tape off he 
burned. Of course, I immediately said "what's an insulin pump". 
..... and the rest is history

Anyway, this fella was a contractor. He was very brittle and had on 
occassion fallen off a couple of roofs because he was low. He 
was truly concerned about getting killed on the job and decided to 
get a pump..... to make a long story short, that solved his problems 
with the repeated lows. And... that is a good part of the reason that 
Lily now has a pump.

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