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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #544

     Happy birthday to me.  Happy birthday to me.  I survived another year 
     despite everything.  happy birthday to me.
     I would like to formally apoligies to anyone on the list who I may 
     have either purposely or accidentally offended, insulted, upset or did 
     not pay proper attention to.  I certainly was not usually meaning to 
     hurt anyone and whether it was intentional or not please forgive me.  
     I plan in the future to more careful with my postings.
     Actually my birthday WAS yesterday (2nd day Rosh HaShanna) but as one 
     cannot use the telephone, modem or other related things that day I 
     waited until today.
     39 years alive
     36 11/12 years diabetic
     18 1/3 years pumping
     22 years measuring blood sugar myself
     32+ years 'shooting' myself
     Over 14,000 syringes (around 2+/day for 18 years)
     Way over 3,000 catheter changes
     12 different MODEL insulin pumps
     15 different catheters
     8 different (some very different) 'regualar' insulins
     I hope I have not either bored or scarred anyone.
     Yerachmiel Bruchya haLevi Altman

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