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[IP] A little basil....

I thought this was pretty funny so I thought I would pass it on to
    I was way off on my blood sugars last night (bolused WAY too much!)
and tested 42 two separate times!  Well, as we were eating dinner I told
my husband how my "chef" skills were lacking in the kitchen making the
dinner we were then eating.  I told him about how I was trying to take
the snap lid off of the basil and spilled half of the spice in the
floor...explained how I had to clean and up and so forth.  Well, later
the two 42bg hit and my husband says after the second one..."See, that
is because you screwed up your basil in the kitchen earlier...you should
be more careful with your basil!"  Is that too funny or what?!?!  That
was a good one (plus it proves my husband is understanding this pump
thing a little bit more each day! ;-)     -Tonya D.  :-)

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