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[IP] Surgery

Ellen (that is who asked, correct?!?)
    You need to find out if you are having a plain (saline) IV or a
Dextrose (sugar water) IV?!?!?!?!?!?  I was fine going into surgery had
everything set and the idiots, even though my endo. said NOT TO...hooked
me up to a dextrose IV?!?!?!?!  BUT...the advantage of the pump - it is
easily and quickly remedied with a quick bolus...there is little chance
you may go low!  Your doctor's suggestion is what most people are
told...decrease your basal by .01 or so.  If you go low, even though you
may run perfect every other day of your life, surgery is not an EVERYDAY
occurance...and as I rambled previously...it is much easier to correct a
high than a low when you are under a needle and unconscious!!!!!!  Hope
that somewhat helps!        -Tonya D.  :-)

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