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Re: [IP] Bolus Necessary?

Hey Deb,
Here's more infor than you wanted to know. YMMV so your physician may like to
know several things that have help others. First, when you use a new canula it
needs to be "primed" just like the tube. It take between .5 and .7 units
depending on the brand.

Some people have noted elevated bgs each time they change the site so a few
explantions have been offered along with solutions:
  - not bolusing enough to fill canula. Solution, bolus more.
  - old site may lose a dribble when removing. Solution, leave old site in
place for a few hours before removing or bolus to cover loss.
  - changing site may cause possible stress induced high. Solution, frequent
testing after change and bolus to cover.
  - taking too long to change site. Solution, establish a routine for changing
sites include leaving current site in use until new canula is inserted, until
new reservoir/cartridge is filled. - Katie
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