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[IP] Who put hex on me?

OK. OK, who did it?   You know how I have not used any alcohol or prep when I put my infusion sets in (usually done after my shower) and bragged cause I never had an infection?    Guess what happened last week?  Three times in five days my infusion site got very red in the little hole where the canula goes in and there were little red streaks coming out from the bandage.  Also, had absorption problems with all three.  THREE TIMES IN A ROW I had to changes sets.  The funny thing was all three happened around the same three or four inch area on my right side of my stomach.    Weird huh?  When I start using Velosulin this next week (against my docs recommendations) I expect to get better results.  
Just had to let you know that I will be swiping the site with alcohol from now on.  

Bonnie Richardson
COLSA, 256.922.1512, x1805

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