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Sally, this is a common problem among lots of charities.  The rift won't
ever be mended unless one of them starts going in the red.   I'm involved
with the American Lung Association, and although they advertise their
mission to be advocacy, education, and research.  They spend less than 5%
of their budget on supporting research.  As we speak the medical section of
the ALA, the American Thoracic Society, is in the process of undergoing a
separation.  This is the organization that will support lung research to a
more respectable level.
	The JDF has always been a model charity in its support of research.
It gives the highes percentage of money to research of any charity.  I feel
good giving money to the JDF.  The ADA is sort of like the ALA in its
support of education, camps, and advocacy, with lip service to research.
For me too much of the money going to these latter charities goes into just
paying staff salaries, but some people think this is very important.   It's
kind of like taking control of diabetes.  We all have our own needs.  YMMV
when it comes to giving to charity, too :-)

<<<<<<<<From: Sally Sternfeld <email @ redacted>
Vicki- I live in Philadelphia which is where the split between ADA and JDF
occurred. FYI the woman who started JDF had belonged to ADA but felt they
were not doing enough to raise money for research.She left ADA and started
JDF whose primary goal is raising money for research.  The rift that was
caused more than 20 years ago has been very difficult to mend. I was on the
ADA board for many years and we made many overtures to JDF.  We have been
unable to make amends.  I have voiced the opinion to ADA when they first
started the Walktoberfest that they should change the date but they have
been unwilling. My feeling is that we all lose in this situation.  I don;t
know what else can be done.       Sally>>>>>>>>>


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