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	To take this one step further, and perhaps have you all smiling at the
ridiculousness of politics in Rhode Island.... in this smallest state in the
union, there is now a RIADA AND a "Diabetes Foundation of RI" because, there
is a faction of folks in Rhode Island who felt that the ADA was putting too
much money toward research, and not enough into local education/patient
support programs.  Ironic, isn't it?  SOOOooo - in RI, we have 2 WALKS ON
THE SAME DAY!!! - One for the RIADA... one for the Diabetes Foundation.  I
believe there is a regional JDF walk as well, although I am not sure when or
where that is.  Gotta love it.
	There is (obviously) room for both organizations in this "world of many
diabetics" (can't quite say the same for RI's situation)....  my whole heart
and soul is pulling for a CURE for diabetes(!), and yet I also know that
*not ONE* of us would be here without the education, the insulin, the
injections, the PUMPS we all wear!  And *despite* all the education out
there, all the diabetes legislation efforts,  - we ALL know that there is
LOTS still LACKING!  I am thankful for all that has been done, for all
that's being done.  I will support BOTH educational AND research efforts...
they are each important in their own way.  I'll be walking (and pumping) in
Newport, Rhode Island on Saturday Oct 3rd.  Hope the rest of you are
involved in some way in your part of the world as well!!

Delaine M. Wright

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