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Re: [IP] Surgery and Pump

I had eye surgery several weeks ago, I took my bg at 5am [surgery at
7:30am] it was normal, stopped my pump, they check my bg at hospital and
would control my bg during and after surgery. Every thing went fine,
time to go home I started my pump again. No problems.

email @ redacted wrote:
> I am having surgery next week and I would like to ask how surgery affected
> your diabetes on the pump.  My endo wants me to reduce my basal rate for the
> a.m. to 0.5.  I am rethinking his advice.  My BGs are perfect in the a.m. on
> my present basals that vary from 0.6-0.8. during the morning hours.  I am
> considering leaving my basal rate the same.  I am thinking that with the
> excitement ( this is probably a poor choice of words) of surgery, my BG will
> go up.  I know it goes up alot when I participate in a 5K or 10K race.  Any of
> you who have had surgery with the pump, what was your experience?  Did your BG
> go up or down?  Did you reduce your pump basal rate?  ellen
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