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[IP] Only 38 years-Attention Paula

I want to apologize to Paula and others for some misinformation I gave.  I
previously reported that I have had diabetes for 39 years, but, alas, it is
only 38 years.  I remember being in the third grade and, therefore, assumed I
was 8 years old.  However, I was discussing this with my mother the other day,
and she corrected me by saying that I was nine years old.  I went in a coma
AFTER my birthday that year.  Sorry about the misinformation.  It was not an
intentional mistake.  I hope you will correct your 25,000 list.  I feel a
little emabarrassed.  Most people on this list seem to remember the exact date
they became a diabetic person and I don't even remember the year.  ellen 
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