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[IP] Surgery and Pump

I am having surgery next week and I would like to ask how surgery affected
your diabetes on the pump.  My endo wants me to reduce my basal rate for the
a.m. to 0.5.  I am rethinking his advice.  My BGs are perfect in the a.m. on
my present basals that vary from 0.6-0.8. during the morning hours.  I am
considering leaving my basal rate the same.  I am thinking that with the
excitement ( this is probably a poor choice of words) of surgery, my BG will
go up.  I know it goes up alot when I participate in a 5K or 10K race.  Any of
you who have had surgery with the pump, what was your experience?  Did your BG
go up or down?  Did you reduce your pump basal rate?  ellen
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