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    Not only do we share the same terrific endo (David Simmons- whose office
staff I had to "beg" to allow my then 13 yr old new pumper daughter to become
his pt.), but I also concur about the confusion about the 2 WALKS.  My focus
however is from the JDF side, because my husband is on the Phila. Board & our
family team has (as of today) now raised $50,000 since Melissa & I first
walked in 1992. A close friend's nieghbor signed her daughter & 9 friends up
to walk in "Melissa's WALK", only to discover that she'd actually signed up
for the ADA walk by mistake.  Does it really matter? Well, that depends on
your perspective...which is why I'm "cutting & pasting" the following post
from The Islet Foundation message board. The man who posted it is a medical
doctor, with (if my memory still works) I think TWO kids with diabetes. For
those of you who are unfamiliar with the Islet Foundation board, it's probably
the #1 cyber-resource for "state of the art" happenings in diabetes cure
research.  Sometimes the posts border on evangelistic fervor, but the
"regulars" at this site are 1000% committed to seeing diabetes CURED....not
ameliorated, not publicized, not "tolerated"...simply C-U-R-E-D.  I've been
"lurking" (and rarely posting) at this site for about 15 months & have
admittedly learned a lot - not only about the existing research, but about
also about govt. agencies, ineptitude, accomodating differing views, etc. This
"imported post" is NOT intended to start an "US vs THEM" debate. ADA is
primarily "about" education, whereas JDF's "focus" is research.  Considering
that "we" who frequent this group & seek out the optimal medical care
represent less than 10% of those who deal with diabetes, there is obviously an
urgent need for education too.......Anyway, here's the post & a link to  
<A HREF="http://www.islet.org/forum/wwwboard.htm">The Islet Foundation Public
Message Forum</A> 

    Posted by Steve Santen on September 22, 1998 at 08:00:52:

In Reply to: "A Pump Wearing Beauty Queen" posted by Anne on September 21,
1998 at 23:45:21:

I hope that as part of her continuing education about diabetes she learned
that the American Diabetes Association gave 15% of funds collected to
research, that they have more money in investments than they gave to research,
that almost none of the funds dedicated to research were directed to her
disease, and that the last fund raising newsletter said that the Association
would use the fund to increase funding of efforts for the government to
increase funding of research. What a waste.

The JDF directs more funds to reserch on a smaller amount raised. The ADA is a
big machine for raising money and they damage, in my opinion, the ability of
people to get money to curative research.


Regards, Renee (who's keeping her fingers AND eyes crossed for a sunny Sunday
for our (hopefully) first-ever JDF MILLION DOLLAR WALK in Phila.)

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