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Re: [IP] drunks R us

Sara- I had a very low bg the other day and some how managed to call 911 ( I live
alone on the weeks I don't have my kids)  I was very fortueate that the EMT who
came to treat me 's wife was diabetic and he knew exactly what to do about the
pump. The policemen had no idea!Even when I waved my arm with my medic alert
bracelet on it they didn't know what to do.  My bracelet has saved my life in
other situations when I've been driving and had a low bg. I always managed to pull
over to the side of the road, where the polkice would find me and treat me. This
happened twice when I was pregnant with my son and trying to keep bg's at <120.
My Md finally agreed that that was trouble for me.  Any way I'm rambling.  I am
very thankful for my medic alert bracelet. It has saved my life more times than I
care to count.        Sally

email @ redacted wrote:

> JUST KIDDING - just trying to catch your attention...heh heh
> Yale write:
> >  5.  Wear medical identification just incase you become hypoglycemic
> > and can thusly be appropriatly treated, and not mistreated as a drunk.
> These were all excellent tips...I have been doing an informal poll of New
> York's finest...basically I have been going up to these Hitler-esque Men In
> Blue and asking them:
> "Do you routinely check for medic alert jewelry when you find someone
> unconscious or in an accident situation?"
> Most of them, I am disgusted to say, are like, "uuuuhhhhhhhhhh, yeah sure,"
> (meaning - no).  Many of these bone heads have looked at me in complete
> ignorance!  The most frightening "poll" was the other night.  I walked up to 3
> of them (they are even scarier when they get together in packs...) and asked
> the question.  One of them (very blond, Aryan looking) looked suspiciously at
> me and asked why I wanted to know.  I said just an informal poll for my
> support group.  Then he noticed my pump, since I was wearing a shirt tucked in
> with the pump on my belt.  He goes, "are you recording this?" as he points to
> the pump, the little blond hairs on his neck bristling up.  I said no, told
> him what it was, receiving more blank or suspicious looks for my trouble.
> So I asked, "if I was laying in the gutter unconscious, would you haul me off
> to "dry out" or would you think there was some kind of medical emergency?"
> One of htem said, "well, the way you are dressed, we would probably assume
> something was wrong."  This scared me cuz I was dressed rather nice, which
> isnt a normal thing.  Usually I am in shorts and t-shirts or very casual
> clothes...sometimes even raggy workout wear.  I am thinking the tattoo idea on
> my forehead might not be such a bad idea!
> Sara
> *-)=B xoxx~~~[507]
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