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Vicki- I live in Philadelphia which is where the split between ADA and JDF
occurred. FYI the woman who started JDF had belonged to ADA but felt they
were not doing enough to raise money for research.She left ADA and started
JDF whose primary goal is raising money for research.  The rift that was
caused more than 20 years ago has been very difficult to mend. I was on the
ADA board for many years and we made many overtures to JDF.  We have been
unable to make amends.  I have voiced the opinion to ADA when they first
started the Walktoberfest that they should change the date but they have
been unwilling. My feeling is that we all lose in this situation.  I don;t
know what else can be done.       Sally

Vicki Parker McDonald wrote:

> I don't know if this happens nationally, but in my community Sunday,
> Sept 27th is the JDF's Walk to cure Diabetes."  The following Sundy
> (October 4th) is the ADA's "Walktoberfest."  The spacing of these two
> events is horrendous and confusing to the general public.  I suggested
> to our JDF Exec. Dir. that we move the walk to cure diabetes to the
> spring.  I've collected >$600 for the JDF walk, and I will do the
> Walktoberfest, but without sponsors.  I can't hit up friends and
> coworkers so soon for basically what they consider to be the same
> cause.  Anyone have any ideas how we can get these two organizations to
> space their events better?
> Vicki McDonald
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