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Re: [IP] Fast Take

The problem that I have had with the Fast Take machine that I bought in August is that I can't buy the strips
anywhere.  Every Pharmacy I've been to says they haven't been able to get the strips from the company for
over a month. Is this just a problem in this area or is it everywhere?       Thanks,   Sally

Russell Smith wrote:

> Michael;
>              One of the pump trainers here at the Diabetes Treatment Center has had problems
> with the Fast Take meter. In correspondence with the co. they have stated that the problem
> experienced is only  local and that no one else has had any problems.
>              I have noticed that other pumpers have had similar problems. Would it be possible
> for me to make copies of these experiences to give to the DTC  to help them with the
> problem their having with Lifescan ? Thanks.
>                                                                                                   Russell
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/