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Re: [IP] EMLA Cream - beginning pumper

> I don't remember how old Laura is, but Marisa (8) has never used Emla Cream or
> ice as some folks on this list have mentioned.  Yes, I do think it hurts more
> to insert the Tender than having an insulin injection, but remind Laura that
> it only has to be inserted every three days. 
Well..... even my 15 year old still does not like to 'stick it in'. 
She routinely uses ice for a few minutes before doing the insertion 
of a Tender. She says it makes a HUGE difference. I don't know my 
self, I have to admit that while if done numerous injections on 
myself for her benefit, tummy, etc.... I've never stuck a one of 
those "things" in. I guess I would if she asked, but she never has 

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